A new adventure awaits you with the Winter 2017 Guild Pass.

Level up your pass through exciting new challenges to earn exclusive rewards and bonuses.

Buy soon: 375WGP

Guild Missions. Reap the rewards on your own path.

The Guild Pass comes with missions in one of three branching pathways. Complete your assignment and you'll be given some Guild Pass XP to level up your pass. For those who are resilient enough to reach the end of a pathway, unique completion rewards can be found for each path, which upgrade the more missions you do for that path.

Duels. A little more competition never hurt anyone.

Challenge any of your fellow Welcomers' Guild members to put some WGP on the line to see who will earn the most WGP in a week. The winner gets double the points wagered while the loser gets none. Not up for the gamble? You can decline any duel offer with no penalty.

Guild Pass Access

Upon receiving the pass, get access to unique rewards for the Winter season.

Seasonal Skin. Behold the frosty beauty of the holidays.

With any Guild Pass comes the exclusive, first-of-its-kind Winter 2017 Skin, which will decorate the entire leaderboard for your viewing pleasure.

Daily Rate Bonus. A little wintery gift just for you.

All Winter Pass owners will gain access to a higher Daily Rate cap of 10 WGP/day instead of the normal 5. Happy holidays!

Guild Pass Rewards

Here's some of the rewards you'll receive for leveling up your Guild Pass:

Winter Lootboxes

Get into the holiday spirit with plentiful presents in store for you!
These lootboxes are earned from leveling up your pass and don't cost anything to open. And, for every winter lootbox you open, your odds of getting a rarer reward increases. It's just a gift that keeps on giving.

Now what's inside the box? That depends on if you've been naughty or nice! For every WGP point you've got, your "nice meter" will increase, which gives you access to higher and higher quality drop lists for the winter treasures.

Wheel of Winter Fortune

Every 4 levels starting at Guild Pass Level 9, you'll get a chance to spin the frosty Winter Wheel of Random Rewards which in addition to many normal rewards, has a small chance of giving you 5000 WGP or an Ambassador Select Lootbox.

More info is on the way along with the release of the Winter 2017 Guild Pass. Check back here soon!